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Pranke eGate

Data hub for EDI and EAI:
Targeted, highly flexible, integrable, scalable:
EDI converter eBiss


AS2, Email, VANs: Unified EDI data exchange
One service, all partners -
transparent and cost-effective
EDI communication with eGate

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You do business, Pranke does your EDI:
Outsource partner onboarding,
EDI hotline or increase data quality
EDI Outsourcing eXtended EDI Service

Pranke ediCERT® Expertise und ediCERT® Schulung

Build up competence and solve issues:
Best practice EDI knowledge
for users & administrators
ediCERT® EDI seminars

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20 years of EDI experience:
Retail & supplier industry knowledge,
best practices & experts
eXpertise consulting for EDI introduction or replacement


Only 50% of mappings after migration

Or: “500% faster than the previous converter” – these statements from Pranke customers show: EDI with the right provider saves time and maintenance effore. Clever features in the EDI converter eBiss like the mapping concept reduce the time both specialist and IT departments need for EDI.

Outsource EDI & grow

From hosting to support hotline for internal and external call, Pranke offers a modular outsourcing service. A concession or VMI concept will increase revenue on one hand, but has very high requirements for IT and EDI deparments on the other: Outsource these tasks to Pranke, either permanently or on a temporary basis.

Saved dozens of days of handling time

The best invoice process is based on EDI: The Electronic Invoice solution from Pranke saves dozens of days each year handling invoices and turn your accounting and auditing into a walk in the park. Invoice senders will receive their money more reliably thanks to a transparent process and faster thanks to a real process integration.