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eBiss Analytics - What does my converter do?

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The more intensively the eBiss converter is used over time, the easier it is to loose track of how and where alterations and adaptions have made the eBiss System to your particular eBiss. At Pranke, too, we are often asked to make adjustments…

(Deutsch) Was macht die Artikelverwaltung in eBiss?

(Deutsch) Weniger Volumen an die richtigen Stellen!

What does "targeted" communication mean?

The technical implementation of partner or concept specific processes and data formats finally allows a "targeted" communication always geared towards the receiving end. This principle also works the other way around in the direction of your…

Which data formats can the EDI converter eBiss work with?

Naturally, eBiss covers all formats: Preconfigured interfaces for all versions of EDIFACT, for example D.96A or D.01B. Furthermore, eBiss as a professional EDI software comes with support for ANSI X.12, XML formats, iDOC, JSON, TRADACOMS…

What makes eBiss different?

The challange of every EDI converter: The world of EDI and business process integration is full of standards, profiles and formats. Nevertheless - or perhaps because of it - in reality each partner can have different requirements. As a consequence,…