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eBiss converter / EAI software


The only partner-oriented and fully integratable EDI and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) software for B2B and A2A Integration.

eBiss is a EDI converter for exchanging data between applications inside and outside the company. It supports the integration of various WWS applications through its comprehensible real-time data transfer and can be used for highly flexible applications in IT departments as well as in predefined, integrated processes. With eBiss, there is a separation between IT staff and users, i. Users can administrate fully-defined processes themselves without additional IT staff.

  • Central workflow & graphical workflow editor

  • Simply create new partners

  • Two-stage mapping concept and unique mapping functions

  • Integrate data and processes seamlessly

  • Tidy surface

versatile, modular, flexible, scalable!
Digitize and automate your business processes with eBiss. Dramatically reduce the complexity of your EDI landscape and benefit from excellent performance. Communicate cost-effectively with your trading partners. Worldwide and cross-platform. With the Pranke eBiss Converter you improve efficiency, save time and reduce errors.

Map internal processes in one go:
Numerous companies use eBiss as a “data hub” for enterprise application integration between ERP, enterprise resource planning, logistics or financial accounting. With the use of eBiss software, processes can be automated quickly and still be customized. The eBiss software can therefore be used as a data hub between the different applications of each customer. With the elimination of many individual interfaces, a fully integrated IT landscape is created in each case.

Communication channels

Discover an impressive range of communication channels offered by our converter.
From mail protocols to web transmission and storage solutions.
Learn more about the different channels that will help you achieve the optimal connection for your needs.

  • SMTP

    E-mail protocol

    To transfer messages to a mail server

  • POP3

    E-mail protocol

    To fetch messages from a mail server

  • Hard disk

    Storage solution

    Connection of a directory on a hard disk (inbound and outbound)

  • Amazon S3

    Storage solution

    Connection to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (inbound and outbound)

  • UPS

    Shipping service

    Connection to the UPS Portal (outgoing)

  • HTTP

    Web transmission

    Connection to services that communicate via HTTP protocol

  • AS2

    AS2 protocol

    To communicate via the AS2 protocol (incoming and outgoing)

  • X.400

    X.400 protocol

    To communicate via the X.400 protocol (incoming and outgoing)

  • FTP

    Web transmission

    Connection of an FTP directory from an external server

  • SFTP

    Web transmission

    Connection of an SFTP directory from an external server

  • WebDAV

    Web transmission

    Enables connection via WebDAV protocol (incoming and outgoing)

  • Functionality as a server

    Additional modules

    In addition, eBiss can function as a stand-alone X400, AS2, mail, FTP and SFTP server

Types of integration

In addition to the communication channels mentioned above, it is possible in eBiss,
communicate directly with a database and avoid exchanging files.
Based on a database connection, you can use the following database management systems and technologies for a direct connection:

  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • ODBC
  • Hibernate
  • other

In the context of WebServices, you can use the following technologies and standards with eBiss:

  • REST
  • SOAP
  • other

Reading and writing components of eBiss

The software has built-in functions for reading and writing a wide range of data formats, including SAP-specific formats such as SAP IDoc, EDI formats such as EDIFACT and ANSI X12, the VDA format in the automotive industry, text-based formats such as JSON and Fixed Length, and structured formats such as XML and SDF (Structured Data Format). This comprehensive support enables the seamless integration and exchange of data in different industries and business areas.

eBiss 3 demo version – with five application examples

Further product details

Standard components

Licensed components