Extensive range of consulting in implementation, rollout, replacement, restructuring


With 20 years of experience in EDI/EAI: Pranke is perfect for all your EDI projects – bringing your company further:

We are well connected, both with software and cooperation partners. Our experience and our knowledge will help you with “Best practice” guidelines. We know contact persons, special features, or typical pitfalls of EDI communication. Avoid making mistakes other companies did during their EDI learning process. We’ll support you with:

  • EDI introduction

    Which processes need to be digitally implemented and how to start? We’ll work out and document the answers to these questions.

  • EDI replacement

    When you need to replace your existing EDI infrastructure or want to switch to a much more cost-effective data exchange than e.g. X400.

  • EDI competence

    If your sales department should already show the company’s EDI experience when talking to prospects.

  • ERP changeover

    The biggest challenge when replacing an ERP system is to consitently deliver EDI data to customers: We’ll make it work!

  • EDI mass rollout

    You plan to connect to a group of (e.g. franchise) partners and need help to effectively roll out EDI to all of them.