eBiss 3 with many improvements around surface and operation.

Extensive information  and  a demo version with five application examples available.

Download “eBiss 3”- 3.2.195 eBiss3Setup_3.2.195.21094.exe – 58 MB

Release notes and help

  • Hilfe

    Extensive help which also comes with eBiss 3 installation.

  • Upgrade

    Upgrade from eBiss 2 to eBiss 3 is possible starting with database schema version 2.18.73 (eBiss version 2.18.189) or newer.

Migrate to eBiss 3 ! In its new version, eBiss is faster, more intuitive, more stable and more versatile. Numerous small and large improvements facilitate working with eBiss for users and administrators.

eBiss 3 migration packages make migration even easier.