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The first intelligent EDI converter

  • Central workflow & graphical workflow editor

  • Simply create new partners

  • Two-stage mapping concept and unique mapping functions

  • Integrate data and processes seamlessly

  • Tidy surface

versatile, modular, flexible, scalable!
Digitize and automate your business processes with eBiss. Dramatically reduce the complexity of your EDI landscape and benefit from excellent performance. Communicate cost-effectively with your trading partners. Worldwide and cross-platform. With the Pranke eBiss Converter you improve efficiency, save time and reduce errors.

Functional overview

This overview shows the most important and most frequent processes that can be handled quickly with eBiss.

eBiss Prozess vereinfacht (Funktionsübersicht)

An event occurs and automatically starts a process.


The job opens a communication channel or selects data from a local BackendObject and delegates the received entities to a subsequent job.


A quasi-standardized job for incoming messages analyzes this. The type, the sender or receiver and possibly other parameters are recognized. Depending on the type, the process branches in the process and the necessary type conversions are carried out with the appropriate mappings. Subsequently, the converted messages are containerized into a message basket. After setting all the messages to be processed, these are collected from the mailbox and are then delegated to a subsequent job.


A third and last job sends the messages passed to it via a specified communication channel.

eBiss 3 – Demo Version

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