INTELLIGENTHow we make EDI intelligent: Pranke specializes in Electronic Data Interchange. With two decades of expertise in the SME sector of the textile industry, Pranke assists you in optimizing your business processes and electronic communication with its EDI software eBiss and EDI data transport service eGate.

ELECTRONICFor us, Electronic Data Interchange is more than the mere exchange of digital data. The real measure is always the process between trading partners, to which this data belongs. We help you implement your own electronic processes, and especially interweave them with your partners. We turn a supposed (and sometimes hardly tolerated) technical add-on into seamless electronically integrated business processes, which improves IT and the core business. Even better, you can actively market EDI as the “icing on the cake”: An added value for your customer relationships:

ASSIMILABLEWith our EDI CONVERTER SOFTWARE eBiss, which can be fully integrated into your IT, that fits into your company processes. It allows that even non-technical departments can work directly with “their” messages or can control EDI processes with the click of a button, all within a familiar software user interface.

AFFORDABLEWith the AFFORDABLE and UNIVERSAL EDI data transport service eGate, that exchanges messages with just about any communication partner. It has an integrated archive and can even tell you when a message was picked up by the partner

COMPETENTWith our COMPETENT consulting and EDI KNOWLEDGE for all types of projects, process reorganization, or rollout. And last but not least, through manpower in the form of your entire EDI department outsourced to us.