Partnerships – EDI competency combined

Until well into the 1990s, EDI was an elitist business that only a few, large companies could afford. Pranke entered the stage with the aim to also give small and medium-sized businesses a chance to participate in the Electronic Data Interchange. From early on, Pranke counted on partnerships with other software companies in order to make the EDI world accessible to SME. EDI for them should be both easy and affordable.

The first partnerships were established with RMS companies, ERP companies soon followed suit. With all our partners we have continuously been cooperating closely – on a business scale as well as on a smooth technical integration. Pranke’s intelligent EDI software is often fully integrated in the partner’s RMS or ERP systems.

Our partnerships: Software suppliers Implementation partners Cooperation and technology partners Interconnect partners Institutions, boards, and associations

Pranke continues to enhance the number of their partners. The latest addition was a compliance and documentation archiving specialist. Today, we have all kind of partners:

A shared EDI profile

Together we are strong – how very much so you will find when looking at the WWS profile, the definition of which our founder Harald Pranke initiated and then developed further in cooperation with a number of our software partners. They then helped to spread it by using it at their customers’.

Meanwhile, the Pranke WWS profile has been well established as an equivalent counterpart of the specific EDI profiles of large business groups. When connecting to a new communication partner, alterations only need to be done if the partner’s EDI profile differs from the WWS profile.