Solutions for business process integration and Electronic Data Interchange from the Best Best Total Solution Provider

With a unique portfolio covering intelligent EDI- & EAI-Software, independent EDI data transport and experience in consulting and the apparel industry, Pranke offers unrivalled solutions for all your EDI challenges. All from one source and tailored to fit perfectly.


  • Software

    The EDI and EAI software eBiss, the only partner-geared and fully integratable EDI converter. Suitable to be used as complex, global EDI integration solution (with several hundreds entities and thousends of Trading Partners), or as a small retail solution for MonoLabel shops.

  • EAI

    Use the same software to reflect and map internal data processes: Numerous companies use eBiss as a “data turntable” between ERP, Retail Management System, logistics software or accounting. Enterprise Application Integration.

  • EDI (electronic data exchange)

    EDI data exchange & EDIINT AS2 based on Pranke‘s own network of over 8,700 participants: eGate makes universal EDI communication possible with any business partner via e-mail, AS2 and all VANs

  • ediCERT®™ Training

    EDI trainings for anyone from novice to system integration expert.

The intelligent EDI and EAI converter software

eBiss 3

The intelligent EDI and EAI software, which allows you to implement all your business processes while giving you the flexibility to be able to map any partner-specific feature. What makes this software better than a standard EDI converter?

The universal EDI message transport service


Connect to all your partners easily via one central service: With clever functions such as message tracking and an affordable price model, you are independent of the number of connected partners or the type and size of individual messages.