Please note the following when sending messages via eGate:

  • Server: egate4.pranke.com (
  • Encrypted transmission:
    • Send via TLS (SMTP): Port 25 or Port 8025
    • Receive via TLS (POP3): Port 995
  • Unencrypted transmission:
    • Send (SMTP): Port 25 or Port 8025
    • Receive (POP3): Port 110 or Port 8110

If you want to make sure that the communication with eGate works over the selected ports, please proceed as follows:

  • By establishing a Telnet connection (via a terminal cmd.exe) you can determine whether the eGate service is accessible from the internal network.
    • Request: telnet eGate4.pranke.com 25
    • Response: 220 egate4 ESMTP server
  • The connection could be successfully established via the above port (25) if the server returns the response listed above.
  • If you receive a negative response, please check the rules in your firewall.