To register with eGate, please open the page https://www.egate.pranke.com/ in a web browser of your choice.

Then click on Login in the User area on the right.
After entering your access data (user name and password), you can manage your eGate customer account and view the message baskets.
You have received the access data either directly from Pranke GmbH or from your software partner. If you do not know the access data, please contact our Customer Service.

Certificate of Website eGate.pranke.com for secure connection

Normally your browser will reject the website certificate not signed by a public certification organization (error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER) when you connect for the first time. This certificate was issued by us and is trustworthy. For Firefox, select the “Advanced…” button and then “Accept risk and continue”.


Zertifikat für egate.pranke.com


Those who have a PARTICIPANT NUMBER (TNR) can exchange data via eGate. But not everyone can reach all other eGate participants:

  • eGate Account
    Pranke customers get an eGate account. For a monthly fee depending on the transmission volume, Pranke customers can send EDI data to or receive data from any eGate participant.

    • Pranke customers who obtain their eBiss software from a Pranke partner should first contact this partner with all questions about eGate, too.
  • Gateway addresses
    To ensure that Pranke customers can actually reach any partner of their choice, TNRs are also issued to those participants who use a different transmission path/provider. Pranke takes care of the routing via so-called gateways. This type of eGate participant is therefore called a gateway participant. Gateway participants can only exchange EDI data with Pranke customers, but not with other gateway participants.

    • If the desired partner requires the use of the AS2 protocol or only has an X.400 address, the Pranke customer may incur additional costs. Symbols may indicate this in the eGate participant search.