It is possible for the owner of an eGate customer account to determine the access of the message to the recipient (if necessary, please ask which customer status you have), even if the recipient is not a Pranke customer (so-called gateway).

Please log in to eGate to search the sent messages for the message. Please refer to the FAQ “eGate User Information“.

If the message has the sent status ( please consider the article „eGate-Icons“),

then the message has reached your partner or his service provider.

The recipient location can be checked in the open message in the Raw Header register and this can be communicated to the recipient.


This can be checked by the responsible person of the converter (possibly a service provider) or the mail server of the recipient (often a service provider is connected between Pranke eGate and the end customer who may have error messages). The service provider customer (final recipient) would have to inquire about this.

The addressing of all accounts on eGate is always done via the Pranke Participant Number. This is a ten-digit unique number, which can be searched by name or GLN under the participant search at www.pranke.com. First, please enter the 10-digit eGate participant number, which is the local part of the e-mail address, i.e. the part before the @ sign, for example:2123456789.Then the domain part follows, it always reads:egate.pranke.comThe correct addressing then looks like this (example, please replace the local part with the respective TNR of the partner).


Pranke eGate customers with a so-called full account can send data via SMTP and retrieve data via POP3.

Here the server configuration:

SMTP: egate.pranke.com

POP: egate.pranke.com

For gateway accounts applies:

I send from the address stored in eGate for example edi@modehaus.org to for example: 2123456789@egate.pranke.com.
Messages sent from an address other than the one registered with Pranke will be rejected, the sender must be known to us, he is on a so-called whitelist.

For example, an attempt to send edi1@modehaus.org fails because we don’t know this address.

A special problem is the BATV feature of some sender mail servers, since it always generates different sender addresses,

see: BATV Feature


To register with eGate, please open the page https://www.egate.pranke.com/ in a web browser of your choice.

Then click on Login in the User area on the right.
After entering your access data (user name and password), you can manage your eGate customer account and view the message baskets.
You have received the access data either directly from Pranke GmbH or from your software partner. If you do not know the access data, please contact our Customer Service.

Certificate of Website eGate.pranke.com for secure connection

Normally your browser will reject the website certificate not signed by a public certification organization (error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER) when you connect for the first time. This certificate was issued by us and is trustworthy. For Firefox, select the “Advanced…” button and then “Accept risk and continue”.


Zertifikat für egate.pranke.com

There are basically three types of accounts:
1. eGate full account
Customers who have a direct eGate account with Pranke are so-called eGate full accounts. You can send and receive EDI data to any eGate participant (except transmission path AS2 which is optionally available).
2. Partner-Accounts
Customers who have an eGate account via a Pranke software partner are called partner accounts. These are usually managed and supported by the software partner. These accounts can also usually send and receive EDI data to each eGate participant (except transmission path AS2 which is optionally available).
3. Gateway-Accounts
eGate participants who have a free account are called Gateway Accounts. These participants cannot log into eGate and can only send to eGate full accounts or partner accounts, but not to other gateway accounts. Gateway means that the customer uses a different transmission path (Mail, X400, AS2) and the data is only sent to and from this address to the eGate network.