The upgrade from eBiss 2 to eBiss 3 is to be classified as costly if one or more of the following circumstances is given:

  1. The amount of data in the. /MessageStore exceeds several Gb.
  2. There are plugins that have been developed by yourselve and use special functions in eBiss.
  3. NHIBERNATE is used for database integration.
  4. The authorization concept for eBiss Service and/or database users should be changed.
  5. eBiss 3 is to be set up on a new environment.
  6. Another database server is to be used.

Generally, we recommend to set up eBiss 3 as a new instance, based on the settings of the existing eBiss 2 system. This means that any problems can be detected and dealt with without endangering the running operation.  Once all possible scenarios within the new instance have been tested and found to be good, this new instance can be put into operation and the old eBiss 2 system can be deactivated at the same time. That is to say, you make a cut and keep the historical news in the old system and start with a “virgin” new system.

The DBCopy tool delivered with eBiss 3 is ideally used for this purpose, because it allows the extraction of all relevant system settings without having to read the data-heavy messages or article master tables.

eBiss 3 is faster, more intuitive, more stable and more versatile. Change the train! Numerous small and large improvements make the work easier for users and administrators. An overview of the improvements and new features can be found on eBiss 3: What’s new?
Customers receive the eBiss 3 license as part of their maintenance contract at no additional cost.

If you want our support for the upgrade, you can choose between three different upgrade options or eBiss 3 migration packages:

  1. Perform the following tasks yourself, supported by telephone
  2. together via remote maintenance
  3. have it carried out on site

Contact and information

Fon.: +49 (0)721 20380-123

eBiss 3 Migration packages

  • Package 1: Upgrade with support

    For software developers (WWS, ERP systems) with update experience

    • Complete Installation and Upgrade Guide
    • Up to one hour of telephone support by customer service on agreed date
    • Package price will be deducted when upgrading to Upgrade Package 2

    Fixed price: 300 €

  • Package 2: Remote-Installation

    Ideal for systems with max. 2 knots

    • On a mutually agreed date
    • Installation including all backups in one Teamviewer session
    • Introduction to the new features of eBiss 3 (Remote-Workshop up to 0,5 day (s))
    • System delivery and subsequent remote support
    • Time budget of 2 days in total

    Fixed price: 1.950 €

  • Package 3: On-site installation

    For complex multi-node systems

    • Installation including all data backups on site on your server
    • Training on the new features of eBiss 3 (0.5 day (s) for up to four participants)
    • System handover including tests (max. 0.5 day (s)
    • On-site and subsequent remote support with a total time budget of 3 days

    Fixed price: 2.800 €
    plus travel expenses (280 €/day)

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