I am a Pranke eGate customer, my new trading partner uses AS2 as a transmission path. Can I still exchange data with him?

Solution / Description:

Pranke offers an extension of the eGate contract, which makes it possible to exchange data with AS2 users. Please contact us for further information


When your eGate contract ends, you can only communicate with eGate users who are Pranke customers. To do this, you must make every effort – if possible before the end date – to forward your EDI messages via eGate from or to your new communication address. You will be assigned a new subscriber number (TNR), as you will then no longer be a customer, but only a Gateway user.

Please contact Pranke Support.

You are also welcome to make use of Pranke’s relocation service, which includes all measures to ensure that your EDI message exchange with eGate customers is not interrupted when you move from eGate customer to Gateway user. Ask for it.

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