eBiss WebView allows you to access EDI messages and errors online or to (re-)run jobs. Embedded in other applications, it allows users from non-IT departments to check everything from their familiar interface, e.g. the ERP system.

This will free capacities in the IT/EDI department and speed of both internal and external processes

eBiss becomes its own web server

With the WebView functionality enabled, eBiss can process browser requests to deliver the view of MessagesBoxes, task messages and jobs as a website; without the need of any other hosting component. All you need is to import a preconfigured Job and EventListener into your updated eBiss 3 version.

Integrate a MessageBox as iFrame in any other application

In addition to the complete browser-based acesss to all MessageBoxes, Tasks and Workflows, you can use specific URLs to access and display particular MessageBoxes and control the view using several parameters, e.g. status or time period.

User right management, e.g. as “read only”

Instead of using the standard login for the eBiss WinClient software, you can configure specific WebView users with limited rights, allow them to access e.g. a dedicated sales view. This way, non-IT collueagues can check message statuses or re-send messages from a specific MessageBox without risk.

Set it up in less than five minutes

Import of preconfigured job and eventlistener

Access also over internet

For a normal use within your company, the eBiss server has to be accessible from inside your company’s network. In order to access eBiss from outside via the internet, you need to define forwarding rules on your firewall to this eBiss server machine. After that, you can access your EDI data from any browser or smartphone.