What is Pranke eBiss?

Pranke eBiss is a software for electronic data interchange (EDI) and the seamless integration of enterprise applications (EAI).
It was developed to simplify the integration of various ERP applications, as well as other processes.

What does Pranke eBiss stand for?

Pranke eBiss combines internal and external processes.
Companies are able to bring together a wide range of areas such as ERP, merchandise management, logistics, financial accounting and much more under one roof. And of course the converter can also do EDI, as that is how everything started.

Reduce interfaces

Pranke eBiss replaces numerous interfaces and thus creates a concise IT landscape. Error sources are eliminated. Important operating environments are coordinated, resources are unblocked.

Two-level mapping

The principle of two-step mapping is simple to understand.
Imagine a converter that transforms data from one format to another. For example, from an in-house format to middleware, which is what we call the Pranke eBiss format.
First we formulate the general rules of how data should be “translated”. These rules are the same for all trading partners and serve as the basis for the conversion.
They ensure that all data is correctly interpreted and transferred into the desired target format.

In the second mapping stage, we realise adjustments for trading partners with Pranke eBiss. These are almost always special mappings with specific requirements for the diverse in-house systems.

Advantages of the two-level mapping concept

  • Separation of general mappings and special mappings.
  • Specific requirements are implemented more easily and quickly.
  • Many mappings are already in the “pool” and do not have to be created each time.
  • When changing an ERP system or an merchandise management system, only the in-house mappings are adapted, everything else (as a rule) remains the same.

The two-stage mapping concept offers flexibility, efficiency and future-proofing for your digitisation projects.

The seamless integration of data and processes results in many advantages for your company. Instead of transferring files, interface processes around reading, writing and posting data become interconnected.

Integration, real time

The data integration in Pranke eBiss works in real time. The software links operations such as reading, writing and posting with each other.

Compliance and security

The software is able to ensure that data transmission complies with applicable regulations and security standards, which is particularly important in regulated industries.


Pranke eBiss grows with your company. New challenges? New ideas? Expand processes according to your ideas with the Pranke eBiss modules!


During the IX Home of Fashion 22 theme days, the textile industry meets to exchange ideas in virtual space.

Partners introduce themselves, industry speakers deliver talks and innovations from research are presented.

Pranke GmbH is one of the participants.

The project is prepared and moderated by Myriam Leyser, who is in charge of our eXtended EDI Services for a long time.
Myriam presents the Pranke SalesMonitoring module, which – along the value chain – secures and increases revenues.

Thus, with the help of our long-standing customer Marc O’Polo, an interesting trade fair presentation is created, in which aspects of various EAI processes are illuminated.

Daniel Richter, Senior Backend Developer & Interfaces at Marc O’Polo, paints a picture of an EDI landscape from the developer’s perspective.
At this point, a big thank you for that!

Read his thoughts on the topic here in summarised form:

Data flow and traffic are increasing, contents of different systems are becoming more complex.
With the Pranke eBiss converter, we are able to realise these requirements and customise them as we want them to be.

With the combination Intex <> eBiss, you get a complete programme library (dll) with which you can map all messages, both inbound and outbound, without having to make cost-intensive adjustments yourself.

We have standardised large amounts of data in our article pool and established an interface to the PIM (product information management) with Pranke eBiss.
We use this to control marketplaces, e-shops, etc.
If something changes, we change it in advance using eBiss, which saves resources!

Another advantage of the Pranke converter is the simple collection of incoming messages, such as ORDERS.

The orders reach us on different channels, often still via *CSV.
These files are mapped into our standard logic and then simply imported through the Intex interface.

Last but not least, we trust Pranke GmbH when it concerns SalesMonitoring.

For many years, this is helping us to keep our replenishment transparent, avoid high storage costs for us and empty shelves for our retailers.


For more than two decades, we have been strategically advising you and concretely supporting you in the planning, implementation and evaluation of digitisation projects.

We are constantly enhancing our knowledge spectrum and exploring innovative paths.

During the Corona crisis, we were able to observe how digitally positioned companies quickly and flexibly reacted to drastic changes using our eBiss converter.

We provide suitable modules for a wide range of scenarios, and we will keep you regularly informed about them from now on.

The retail trade must adapt better to digitalisation, and we offer them all the possibilities to do so.
eBiss, a modular converter

With our eBiss.Amazon S3 module, you can easily access the web-based high-speed cloud storage service from Amazon.

Our eBiss.Versioning module is extremely versatile, among other things you can manage a project history with it, or test your system extensively in a staging environment, before you go live with a tested system.

With the eBiss.Analytics module, you generate statistics on message dispatch and message delivery for selected partners.
You also publish system-specific parameters in the DokuWiki, thus creating transparency!

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you in detail and at your leisure!

Pranke GmbH mainly advises suppliers and retailers within the fashion world.

Meanwhile, however, there are a considerable number of customers from other industries who successfully operate with the eBiss converter.

One example is medi Bayreuth. Since 1951, the company has been producing compression stockings and other medical products such as bandages, orthoses and orthopaedic insoles.
With around 3000 employees, the company, which is already in its third generation of family ownership, operates worldwide.

Pranke GmbH has been involved with medi with eBiss for several years. We support the company in adapting business processes at any time without disrupting operations.

Carsten Meier, IT Manager Business & Digital Solutions, medi GmbH & Co.KG comments:

“We have been working successfully with Pranke GmbH for some time now. We use the latest version of the eBiss converter.

We appreciate the reliability of eBiss. The converter can be adapted well to our modern business processes and runs stably.

When processes change, eBiss helps us to realise the necessary changes with its flexibility.

Pranke GmbH is an innovative and reliable partner.”

If you are also interested in getting to know eBiss 3 and our know-how, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to advise you in detail and without hurry about the diverse possibilities of the flexible converter.


Scoretex GmbH is using a Pranke eXtended EDI Service since 2015.
For us as the Client, the advantages of such a service are obvious:

  • We concentrate on our core business
  • Our personnel expenses are restrained
  •  We rely on fast response times
  • Pranke GmbH helps and advises on implementing new processes

In the current case, the locations of our new HS2H brand had to be edi-enabled as fast as possible.
Together with Pranke GmbH, we succeeded in implementing a fast and reliable solution within just a few weeks.
Thanks to the flexible eBiss converter, all new locations with HS2H mode were swiftly integrated into our system.

Due to the good communication with the Pranke GmbH we were able to realize our ideas cost-effectively.

Scoretex GmbH


eBiss 3 can map structures into variables!

For example, if you set a selection in a rule that selects a typed value (incl. whole trees), you can save it as $$VariableName on the right-hand side. Later on, you can access this structure directly in the entire document and carry out further work with it.

For example, save the entire folder document:

Rule: /Orders => $$doc

Call it later in a mapping:

Rule: $doc/@SupplerGLN

or better and faster with the XVar function:

Rule: XVar (‘ doc’)/@SupplierGLN

or the total of the item quantities stored in the document:

Rule: sum (XVar (‘ doc’)/Items/@Quantity)

For more information, see the variables help.


The more intensively the eBiss converter is used over time, the easier it is to loose track of how and where alterations and adaptions have made the eBiss System to your particular eBiss.

At Pranke, too, we are often asked to make adjustments or extensions to an existing eBiss system. If that system has reached a certain complexity and is not really well maintained, it’s quite a challenge to even find out where to start. A manual analysis of a system is very time-consuming and by no means a matter of course.

In order to better cope with such situations, we developed a new module for eBiss 3 which we called eBiss Analytics. With this module it is possible to make both statistical and analytical statements about an existing eBiss 3 system. This is why it comes with these two characteristics.

  • Data Analytics
    Statistical statements refer to the scope of messages received and sent. These can be automatically sent to selected recipients. You will get answers to questions such as: How many messages do we send to our partners – per day, per week or per month? or: How often do we deliver to partner X?
  • System Analytics
    If the module is used for an analysis of the eBiss system, the system-specific parameters are evaluated and prepared in a suitable form (e.g. as a sequence diagram and/or structured list) in a separate namespace within the DokuWiki delivered with eBiss.

Statistical considerations refer to the volume of messages received and sent. These can be automatically sent to selected recipients. During the System analysis, the system-specific parameters are evaluated and prepared in an appropriate form (e. g. as sequence diagram and/or structured list) in a separate namespace within the DokuWiki provided with eBiss.

Example: UML diagram of the OUTBOUND wiring of an eBiss system

bird's-eye view of OUTBOUND wiring

bird’s-eye view of OUTBOUND wiring

Read more


eBiss 3 is faster, more intuitive, more stable and more versatile. Change the train! Numerous small and large improvements make the work easier for users and administrators. An overview of the improvements and new features can be found on eBiss 3: What’s new?
Customers receive the eBiss 3 license as part of their maintenance contract at no additional cost.

If you want our support for the upgrade, you can choose between three different upgrade options or eBiss 3 migration packages:

  1. Perform the following tasks yourself, supported by telephone
  2. together via remote maintenance
  3. have it carried out on site

Contact and information

Fon.: +49 (0)721 20380-123

eBiss 3 Migration packages

  • Package 1: Upgrade with support

    For software developers (WWS, ERP systems) with update experience

    • Complete Installation and Upgrade Guide
    • Up to one hour of telephone support by customer service on agreed date
    • Package price will be deducted when upgrading to Upgrade Package 2

    Fixed price: 300 €

  • Package 2: Remote-Installation

    Ideal for systems with max. 2 knots

    • On a mutually agreed date
    • Installation including all backups in one Teamviewer session
    • Introduction to the new features of eBiss 3 (Remote-Workshop up to 0,5 day (s))
    • System delivery and subsequent remote support
    • Time budget of 2 days in total

    Fixed price: 1.950 €

  • Package 3: On-site installation

    For complex multi-node systems

    • Installation including all data backups on site on your server
    • Training on the new features of eBiss 3 (0.5 day (s) for up to four participants)
    • System handover including tests (max. 0.5 day (s)
    • On-site and subsequent remote support with a total time budget of 3 days

    Fixed price: 2.800 €
    plus travel expenses (280 €/day)

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