The addressing of all accounts on eGate is always done via the Pranke Participant Number. This is a ten-digit unique number, which can be searched by name or GLN under the participant search at www.pranke.com. First, please enter the 10-digit eGate participant number, which is the local part of the e-mail address, i.e. the part before the @ sign, for example:2123456789.Then the domain part follows, it always reads:egate.pranke.comThe correct addressing then looks like this (example, please replace the local part with the respective TNR of the partner).


Pranke eGate customers with a so-called full account can send data via SMTP and retrieve data via POP3.

Here the server configuration:

SMTP: egate.pranke.com

POP: egate.pranke.com

For gateway accounts applies:

I send from the address stored in eGate for example edi@modehaus.org to for example: 2123456789@egate.pranke.com.
Messages sent from an address other than the one registered with Pranke will be rejected, the sender must be known to us, he is on a so-called whitelist.

For example, an attempt to send edi1@modehaus.org fails because we don’t know this address.

A special problem is the BATV feature of some sender mail servers, since it always generates different sender addresses,

see: BATV Feature



The connection to eGate failed because the the sender’s address is unknown to the system. eGate is a closed system and allows communication between partners with known addresses only (whitelist). Some eGate gateway users have providers who add a dynamic prefix to the sender’s address to fool spam filters. (This method is called Bounce Address Tag Validation, BATV in short.)

Example: prvs=1234ex567=edi@testaccount.de

Example: bouncemgmt=155773=edi@testaccount.de

On eGate, only edi@testaccount.de is known as the sender’s address. In fact, this address is used as the senders’ address, but because a prefix (different each send action) was added to it, eGate still rejects the message.

eGate does not support BATV, please change your application.

(eGate notification: Info:Message rejected, unknown sender: bouncemgmt=155773=edi@testaccount.de)