[cl-ib image=”6487″ title=”Messages in eBiss” desc=”Dealing with news has become more comfortable in eBiss 3. On the one hand, messages are now previewed in the message box, while extended mechanisms for debugging messages are available.” animation=”soter”]A message can now be sent, e.g. Can be directly analyzed to determine the type of the message, determine communication partners, or divide the message content into documents without first having to create a corresponding job. This requires only the corresponding infrastructure in the type repository (Recognizer, Analyzer, Type Definition and Reader), and with the message selected, select the menu item ► Debug message ► Analyze message.

An analyzed message can then be used to debug a mapping or report. To do this, select the corresponding action under the menu item ► Debug message. As a result, all those mappings or reports that use the type of the selected message as the source type will appear.