For the owner of a customer account, it is possible to determine the access of the message to the recipient.

If a service provider is connected between the sender and our eGate messaging service or between eGate and the recipient, a query may also be necessary.

This is how you can check the successful sending of messages:

Log in to eGate with your login data and open the “Sent Messages” folder.

The status of a message can be determined by an eGate customer and, if necessary, communicated to his business partner:


If you open the message by double-clicking on the message ID, you can find out the destination of the message in the Raw Header tab. Either the eGate mailbox of the recipient or the forwarding address ( gateway) of the recipient is located there.


If a message has been demonstrably transmitted and the recipient still does not see the message, the recipient must review his reception data or possibly instruct his support to look this up.

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