The WWS profile, the common EDI profile of Pranke’s partners – both Retail Management Systems and ERP Systems, is available for download in both English and German.

The changes compared to Version 2.2, which has been used since 2008, are minimal: In addition to the well-known “day-specific ” sales report, a documentation for the receipt-specific variant has been added. Furthermore, the inventory stock report has been adjusted to reflect the best-pracice approach for stock amount qualifierts (QTY segment)

Go to the updated WWS profile

All changes can be found in the Release Notes document (Chapter IV, Appendix).

About the WWS profile:

Beginning with version 2.0 of the WWS EDI profile, several hundred actual and several thousands of potential installations can be reached, both on retail and supplier side. By this it has an equal importance as the profiles of the big cooperations or retail chains.

This profile can be used free of charge by enterprises in retail and production industry. The detailed conditions can be found in the Copyright / Contact document (Chapter IV, Appendix).

The use of the profile is open to new partners at any time.