ediCERT® EDI training seminars

The ediCERT® EDI seminar training concept consists of several blocks for different audiences, allowing compact and budget-friendly trainings of 2 or 3 days.

The trainings are inherently consistent, but are based on each other. They all share a high practical orientation with exercises for both users and administrators.

Our seminars are not only for EDI administrators, but specifially also for those who seem to be unrelated to EDI: When business processes are implemented and integrated electronically, they also automatically concern specific departments. Thanks to proper training, this becomes even an advantage: the ediCERT ® EDI driver’s license makes “EDI for non-techies” easy to understand, and conveys the necessary knowledge of GLNs & EANs, business models, or types of messages to colleagues from sales, purchasing, product management, or management.

With such basic EDI knowledge of these areas, these departments can also help make decisions that previously always had to be left to the IT department.

In addition to the trainings in Karlsruhe, you can also schedule an on-site event at your company, e.g.train the entire departments.