This is your resource for the latest eBiss 2 version and all Release Notes, also for each previous version. The password for the download hasn’t changed. As a Pranke customer, you can get the login credentials from our Customer Service.

Please note: We strongly advise you to back up both your eBiss database and the complete eBiss folder anytime before you carry out an update.

Migrate to eBiss 3! In its new version, eBiss is faster, more intuitive, more stable and more versatile.
Numerous small and large improvements
simplify working with eBiss for users and administrators.

eBiss 3 migration packages make migration even easier.

Download the regular version

Download “eBiss Update .NET 2.0”- 2.26.282 – 42.22 MB

Special versions:

a.) 32bit version

Only required when using a SQLite database on a 64bit operating system.

Download “eBiss 2 32bit”- 2.26.282 – 42.24 MB

b.) Updates of eBiss systems before version 2.0.28

When updating from versions smaller than 2.0.28, a special Configure.exe needs to be used first. Only once this step has been taken the latest version linked above can be installed. In addition to this, eBiss versions lower than V1.6 use a different storage format that needs to be specifically configured. For updates from V1.6 and smaller, please contact our support in any case.

Download “eBiss.Configure”- 2.0.28 – 6.61 MB

eBiss 2 Release notes