[cl-ib image=”6504″ title=”Links” desc=”In eBiss 3, you can now jump directly from many points directly into other areas of the application via links, and open them in the new window. For example, you can directly access your system and trading partners from within the message overview and view and process them in parallel as required. ” animation=”soter”]

Of course, this also works with other areas such as message trays or delegated jobs. The improved Navigation is available throughout the application, and you will come across the links in numerous places.

Simultaneous editing of multiple elements

If you click the Edit button after selecting more than one record, you will see an input mask with the editable properties. Similar values ​​appear here as in the normal detail view, different values ​​are annotated as such.

Shadow Copy plugins

With the new Shadowcopy feature, it is possible to copy new DLL files to the plugin directory without restarting the eBiss service or the WinClient. From the ► Maintenance menu item, you can simply update the Shadowcopy plugins on the client to use the new plugins immediately.

New database support

In addition to MSSQL Server, MySQL and SQLite, eBiss 3 also supports PostgreSQL.

Node range uniqueness with GLN or location

Under ► Settings ► System Settings, you can now select whether the GLN of a location within the node should be unique or not. You can also decide whether the participant number of a partner should be unique within a node.

Integrated license management

The license can be easily checked / activated online, or in the case of sensitive systems without an internet connection by importing a license file.