The administration of synchronized directories is possible with eBiss 3. You need a Harddisk ChannelReceiver, the appropriate ChannelSender and a FileEventListener. So that only changed files are transferred, the EventListener checks for the ArchivFlag, only if a file was changed, it gets the ArchivFlag.
The files are fetched, transmitted and written again on the other side.

Configuration of the EventListener:

OnlyCheckFilesWithArchiveFlag checks for files with archive flag. Different than usual, it also checks that no hidden files are triggered, furthermore the file must be able to be opened exclusively, otherwise the EventListener will not hit. (You can track this in the LogDebug).

New FileHandling method in the HarddiskReceiveChannel:

Set the channel to attract exclusively:

New setting in Harddisk ChannelSender for FileExists handling:

A working example configuration can be found in StandardTemplates under DirectorySync. In addition to the presented new features there are two enhancements. On the one hand the HarddiskChannelSender checks for a set ArchiveFlag when writing and if it finds this (file was changed also both sides), the new file is put with a counter next to it, so that the users have the possibility to merge the changes. One can give the HarddiskReceiver now a MaxKB limit, so that not all data are fetched immediately (In case of large directories). Then he takes files until the limit is exceeded for the first time, but just at least one file. Additionally you have the possibility with the new JobBox MEssageContentRemover to remove the content of large files directly from the MessageStore.