Unfortunately, plugins, other customisations and/or extensions to our software have recently been made by external service providers. These companies do not come from Pranke. Their actions are not coordinated with us and this creates complications.

In addition to the legal uncertainties as to whether such services and interventions infringe our rights as the author, e.g. because they involve unauthorised processing of our software, this repeatedly causes technical problems.

The smooth functioning of configuration changes and extensions that are connected to our software via an API and communicate with it requires knowledge of the current Pranke source code of the applications. However, only we and our authorised software partners have this knowledge. In the event of changes to the Pranke software, e.g. in the course of updates, it is also possible that connected development services from third parties in the periphery may no longer be compatible and executable with our software. In particular, we take a critical view of extensions that do not use the documented PRANKE.eBiss API or that were not created with the TypeEditor.

Pranke cannot accept any responsibility for correct functioning at this point. We have no influence on any vulnerabilities and security risks that may arise as a result of the procedure described.

We would therefore strongly recommend that you exercise caution when using third-party services and contact us if you have any doubts.

We will be happy to review your system with you and advise you on how to proceed.

What is Pranke eBiss?

Pranke eBiss is a software for electronic data interchange (EDI) and the seamless integration of enterprise applications (EAI).
It was developed to simplify the integration of various ERP applications, as well as other processes.

What does Pranke eBiss stand for?

Pranke eBiss combines internal and external processes.
Companies are able to bring together a wide range of areas such as ERP, merchandise management, logistics, financial accounting and much more under one roof. And of course the converter can also do EDI, as that is how everything started.

Reduce interfaces

Pranke eBiss replaces numerous interfaces and thus creates a concise IT landscape. Error sources are eliminated. Important operating environments are coordinated, resources are unblocked.

Two-level mapping

The principle of two-step mapping is simple to understand.
Imagine a converter that transforms data from one format to another. For example, from an in-house format to middleware, which is what we call the Pranke eBiss format.
First we formulate the general rules of how data should be “translated”. These rules are the same for all trading partners and serve as the basis for the conversion.
They ensure that all data is correctly interpreted and transferred into the desired target format.

In the second mapping stage, we realise adjustments for trading partners with Pranke eBiss. These are almost always special mappings with specific requirements for the diverse in-house systems.

Advantages of the two-level mapping concept

  • Separation of general mappings and special mappings.
  • Specific requirements are implemented more easily and quickly.
  • Many mappings are already in the “pool” and do not have to be created each time.
  • When changing an ERP system or an merchandise management system, only the in-house mappings are adapted, everything else (as a rule) remains the same.

The two-stage mapping concept offers flexibility, efficiency and future-proofing for your digitisation projects.

The seamless integration of data and processes results in many advantages for your company. Instead of transferring files, interface processes around reading, writing and posting data become interconnected.

Integration, real time

The data integration in Pranke eBiss works in real time. The software links operations such as reading, writing and posting with each other.

Compliance and security

The software is able to ensure that data transmission complies with applicable regulations and security standards, which is particularly important in regulated industries.


Pranke eBiss grows with your company. New challenges? New ideas? Expand processes according to your ideas with the Pranke eBiss modules!


During the IX Home of Fashion 22 theme days, the textile industry meets to exchange ideas in virtual space.

Partners introduce themselves, industry speakers deliver talks and innovations from research are presented.

Pranke GmbH is one of the participants.

The project is prepared and moderated by Myriam Leyser, who is in charge of our eXtended EDI Services for a long time.
Myriam presents the Pranke SalesMonitoring module, which – along the value chain – secures and increases revenues.

Thus, with the help of our long-standing customer Marc O’Polo, an interesting trade fair presentation is created, in which aspects of various EAI processes are illuminated.

Daniel Richter, Senior Backend Developer & Interfaces at Marc O’Polo, paints a picture of an EDI landscape from the developer’s perspective.
At this point, a big thank you for that!

Read his thoughts on the topic here in summarised form:

Data flow and traffic are increasing, contents of different systems are becoming more complex.
With the Pranke eBiss converter, we are able to realise these requirements and customise them as we want them to be.

With the combination Intex <> eBiss, you get a complete programme library (dll) with which you can map all messages, both inbound and outbound, without having to make cost-intensive adjustments yourself.

We have standardised large amounts of data in our article pool and established an interface to the PIM (product information management) with Pranke eBiss.
We use this to control marketplaces, e-shops, etc.
If something changes, we change it in advance using eBiss, which saves resources!

Another advantage of the Pranke converter is the simple collection of incoming messages, such as ORDERS.

The orders reach us on different channels, often still via *CSV.
These files are mapped into our standard logic and then simply imported through the Intex interface.

Last but not least, we trust Pranke GmbH when it concerns SalesMonitoring.

For many years, this is helping us to keep our replenishment transparent, avoid high storage costs for us and empty shelves for our retailers.



Welcome to our tutorial, with the help of which you can create a new EDI partner in our eBiss converter by yourself in the future. The process will be illustrated on the basis of Pranke eBiss 3. What we will do: We will search for the desired participant on the Pranke homepage, download its associated ini-file and integrate it into the EDI converter. Afterwards we will show you how to check your partner’s data.

Enable subtitles to see the English captions!

Enter www.pranke.com in the internet browser of your choice.
Arrived there, we navigate by means of the “participant search” – button to the participant – search mask.

In the opened form you have the possibility to search for names, parts of names or even GLNs.

Attention: if an inexperienced employee of the future EDI partner has given you the GLN of one of his subordinate locations, it could be that the participant cannot be found via the GLN. So it is not possible to find every branch of a participant. As a rule, you can find only the main or technical GLN of a subscriber.
This will appear later in the first line, the header data, i.e. in the UNB segment of the EDI messages, as the target GLN.

In this example we are looking for the participant “sample company”. After we have found the desired participant, we now want to download its ini-file (or configuration file). This is done by clicking on “Download”. The file will be saved in a directory of our choice or in the preset download directory.

In the next step you open your eBiss and select on the left in the menu area first the partner administration and then the subcategory “trading partner”,

Info: Under trading partners you will find the list of already created EDI partners. In this test system there is no EDI partner yet, but this will hardly occur in reality.

In any case, the list should now be open. Then we click on the button “import” and navigate in the opening window to our just downloaded ini-file. The filter in the file selector is preset to *.ini files, so other files will not be displayed.

If you have general questions or problems, you can always have a look at our help under XY.

Once we have found the desired file, we select it and import it into the converter by clicking on “open”.
A window should pop up confirming that the import has been completed successfully.
You can see the newly created EDI partner directly in the list of trading partners.
You can view the exact communication data of the partner by double-clicking on the partner, using “Communication address”.

You now have the possibility to exchange data with the new EDI partner, provided that this partner can send and receive EDI FACT data.

If other data is to be exchanged, we recommend that you contact Pranke Support by phone or e-mail.


The task Could not rotate file ‘LogManager.log’ always occurs when a CleanUp job is running that uses the JobObject eBiss.ClassLib.Jobs.LogRotator while an eBiss Client is active.
The eBiss client has an open file handler on the log files, therefore they cannot be closed and moved.
Remedy is to make sure that all eBiss CLients are closed when a CleanUp job is running.

For more than two decades, we have been strategically advising you and concretely supporting you in the planning, implementation and evaluation of digitisation projects.

We are constantly enhancing our knowledge spectrum and exploring innovative paths.

During the Corona crisis, we were able to observe how digitally positioned companies quickly and flexibly reacted to drastic changes using our eBiss converter.

We provide suitable modules for a wide range of scenarios, and we will keep you regularly informed about them from now on.

The retail trade must adapt better to digitalisation, and we offer them all the possibilities to do so.
eBiss, a modular converter

With our eBiss.Amazon S3 module, you can easily access the web-based high-speed cloud storage service from Amazon.

Our eBiss.Versioning module is extremely versatile, among other things you can manage a project history with it, or test your system extensively in a staging environment, before you go live with a tested system.

With the eBiss.Analytics module, you generate statistics on message dispatch and message delivery for selected partners.
You also publish system-specific parameters in the DokuWiki, thus creating transparency!

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you in detail and at your leisure!


eBiss offers send and receive channels with which inter-node communication and other integrations can be mapped.

To receive something with eBiss via Http receive channel it also needs a so called Http port listener, which listens on a defined URL or IP address and port and opens a corresponding job with Http receive channel when the event occurs.


eBiss offers global and partner specific solutions with the remapping.

The use of eBiss own tables is not recommended, because otherwise the integrity may not be guaranteed.


eGate is generally to be considered as a closed community network. Therefore, when picking up messages with a SMTP Channel in eBiss, we want to use the Sender identification mandatory. This means that all possible sender eGate email addresses of my trading partners must be known in my eBiss system. This also applies to (third party) poviders who forward EDI messages on behalf of their customers. So if an eGate participant is offered in the participant search not only with a CUSTOMER.INI file but also with a SENDER .INI FILE I have to make sure that the eGate participant of the provider (or SENDER) exists as trading partner in my eBiss. If not, then I need to import the SENDER .INI file.

Example of an eGate participant with provider affiliation:

Name Tnr GLN/UNB-ID Customer .ini File Sender .ini File
Muster GmbH, München (DE) 1234567890 1234567890123 Download Provider

If messages remain unprocessed in your INBOX and with an unknown partner, the reason may be that the validation in the receive channel was not successful.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Hier wird eBiss mit einer Datenbank verwendet, auf den Files bestehen aber keine Schreibrechte. Das kann in den Windows Rechte Einstellungen angepasst werden.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass sowohl der eBiss Client Benutzer als auch der eBiss Service Benutzer Schreibrechte auf die Dateien im eBiss Ordner haben.