Update February 2015: Important information for users of Pranke’s EDI software ediBOX and eBiss: The latest update of the Kaspersky software „Anti-Virus“ / „Internet Security“ now leads to inbound (EDI) messages apparently being scanned differently.


As a result, their content is manipulated and both ediBOX and eBiss can’t read and process the messages anymore. Instead, they show with cryptic characters in the MessageEditor (see screenshots below).

As far as we know by now, it can unfortunately not be resolved by simply deactivating the email scanner in the Kaspersky software.
To continue receiving EDI messages as before, the Kaspersky software must unfortunately be deactivated completety.
Other anti-virus software products are not affected.

The ediBOX was the first EDI converter software by Pranke and is still used actively at some customers, even though development has been discontinued. However, as the messages are being manipulated “before” the ediBOX import anyway, a software update would not resolve this problem at all anyway.

If we have news on this problem and/or a solution, this post will be updated.