The new eBiss module “Type Editor” supports the process of type definition, so that in most cases the data types no longer need to be defined manually in C#. You can use the interactive graphical editor to create and maintain data types. Also, TypeEditor handles the versioning as well as the generation of the data type as Dll and offers the possibility of a database import.

The TypeEditor will have import functions for XSD, CSV and database tables so that data type definitions can be implemented even more quickly and easily in the future. The import of complex XSD objects or parts of XML structures into the tree has already been realized.
This not only simplifies the initial definition of the type, but also its future maintenance. In case of an update, eBiss will detect changes automatically. Interactive adjustment helps to apply the changes without losing your settings for the basic type.

Annoying tasks, such as repeatedly determining how the partner is recognized or where exactly the document number can be found, are completely eliminated.