Download eBiss.Configure.exe for systems older than version 2.0.28

Before carrying out the normal update, please download this specific Configure.exe. We recommend contacting our Support Team when you plan to update an eBiss version older than 2.0.28.

Updates from systems before version 1.6

During an update from version 1.6 or before, your existing mappings and jobs will be automatically converterd during the Configure step. All your previously exported jobs and mappings (old file extensions .eMap and .eJob) can still be imported for compatibility purposes, but not using the automated TemplateWizard. The file extensions for the current format are now .eJobXml und .eMapXml.

When running an upgrade with such “old” jobs and mappings, you must carry out an update to version 1.8.x. first, BEFORE upgrading to version 2.x.

Please contact our Customer Service in these cases.

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