In case , you are working at a client machine and cannot see any trace log within the tracelog-window, but you can see the trace log while working on the eBiss Server, this problem will be solved by configuring the used firewall port.

port configuration in eBiss 3

Please adjust the Client-Server Port and the Remote Callback-port from server towards Client in the eBiss 3 configurator‘s connection settings. If the Remote Callback-port is set to Null, the port will be negotiated automatically by the system.

port configuration in eBiss 2


Following port configuration in eBiss.Service.exe.config to be put:

<add key="eBiss.RemotingPort" value="9998" />


in  eBiss.WinClient.exe.config :

<add key="eBiss.ServerURL" value="tcp:%%//%%localhost:9998/eBiss.ApiServer" />