Case studies

EDI Outsourcing Provider CPA relies on Pranke

New customer requirements demand optimized solutions. Therefore, CPA SoftwareConsult GmbH, the leading ERP service provider for the shoe industry from Langenfeld, Germany, has switched to the EDI converter eBiss of the Karlsruhe-based Pranke GmbH. After a successful migration, a modular and flexible system is now available for which CPA can program structures and make individual adjustments itself.

Advantages for CPA and its partners

The EDI converter eBiss is used at CPA SoftwareConsult for the EDI communication of partners from the shoe industry with CPA’s own ERP system cpa.ShoeFactory. In addition, a well-known tool manufacturer also uses this solution for the connection to its SAP® system.

CPA’s experience shows that the powerful eBiss system can reliably handle a message count in the mid five-digit range per month.

The modular structure of the eBiss system allows a perfect customization of the message workflow. New customers and suppliers of CPA’s partners can be connected to the system much faster and easier than was possible in the previously used system due to the object-oriented configuration approach. It is also possible to generate and integrate new message formats virtually at the push of a button. It is irrelevant whether these are well-known standard formats, such as EDIFACT or IDoc, or CPA’s own structures. Furthermore, mappings can be better standardized and summarized.

Integration of eBiss as Middleware

CPA partners can also research the transfer status and content of their messages themselves using the standard web front end. “This has already significantly reduced the support effort. But also our partners benefit, as they can do their research whenever they want” notes Jörg Spiegelhoff, Managing Director of CPA SoftwareConsult, happily.

The bottom line is that the benefits of the migration will be positive for CPA and its partners, both in terms of operational processes and in terms of significantly faster and more cost-effective set-up and maintenance, as well as for future EDI projects.

Advantages at a glance

  • New connections less costly
  • Email notification in case of errors
  • Modular, flexible structure
  • Simple handling
  • Stable system
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Optimized processes
  • Direct database connection
  • Individual programming and integration of functionalities and structures
  • Web frontend for CPA’s partners

Migration facts

  • 100 mappings converted
  • 40 data formats/types combinations created
  • 200 customers/suppliers connected