As a rule, the containerizer generates the UNB segment. However, if the UNB segment is to be influenced in an Edifact document, the UNB segment must be triggered in the corresponding mapping with a rule record and the desired data element must be operated with a mapping rule. The remaining UNB data elements are then created/operated by the containerizer.


The default setting of the syntax version number is 3. The EDIFACT containerizer in eBiss checks the syntax version number. If it is greater 3, the date format in the UNB segment will be adapted. In addition, a * is set in UNA segment instead of a space. Finally, you must ensure that the outgoing Edifact document corresponds to the syntax version according to ISO 9735:1998

In the requested case, you need a mapping rule like in this snapshot:

UNB Segment im Mapping

UNB Segment in mapping