eBiss 3 is the pioneering new version of eBiss, a proven, 100-fold EDI converter.

A revised interface and, above all, “under the hood” a wealth of improvements: eBiss 3 is more than ever your software for EDI, data conversion, B2B integration and data exchange.

The eBiss3 interface was developed primarily with a focus on ease of use and uses a much more modern and uniform surface and operating concept.

eBiss 3 contains new features and improvements compared to its predecessor. Many of them greatly simplify the use of eBiss (for example, a detailed undo function), others are features that you have not previously seen in eBiss 2.

Migrate to eBiss 3! In its new version, eBiss is faster, more intuitive, more stable and more versatile. Numerous small and large improvements make working with eBiss easier for Users and Administrators.

eBiss 3 migration packages make migration even easier.