Dear customers, dear friends, dear families,

We have been wandering between two worlds for a while.

On the one side we love to have memories of former times, on the other side we are confronted with a difficult reality every day. Many things seem anonymous or exclusively functional to us.

When we reflect on ourselves these days, however, we suddenly comprehend what it is really all about. We realise how precious it is to have someone by our side!
Maybe we put aside our focus on every day chores and discover something that has been forgotten.

We gain an even greater appreciation for our partners, family, colleagues, friends and, of course, you as our customers.

It is wonderful!
Let us renew our spirits together.
It’s like a good string quartet where violins, viola and cello have to harmonise with each other. With the different parts, each of which is filigree, complicated and sometimes dominant, a piece is created that delights the audience!

Even though it may be hard for us, let us face the future with optimism!
In the end, we will have to accept challenges in the new year and master them successfully.

For more than 25 years, we have been at your side for all your EDI and digitalisation needs, and this is not to change!

In this spirit, Pranke GmbH wishes you a happy, hopeful Christmas and a successful and good New Year.

Stay healthy!
Your Pranke GmbH