Neogrid specialises in optimising supply chains through artificial intelligence (AI).

Its headquarters are in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, and it also has branches in the USA and the Netherlands.

With its software NGRD3, the data giant achieved a turnover of approximately €18 million in the first half of 2021.

Since 2020, there has been a strategic partnership between Neogrid and Pranke GmbH.
As an experienced EDI service provider, we keep up with the times!

This benefits our customers, who get much more out of their inventory and transaction data with this innovative technology!


How it works


A central element is the so-called Dynamic Buffer Management solution, or DBM.

The processes in the supply chain are viewed holistically.

Various algorithms are used to calculate and subsequently reduce warehousing costs.

At the same time, flexible and intelligent refill processes take effect.


In practice, calculation analyses are carried out daily to generate order suggestions. DBM suggests what to buy and when.

You regularly receive reports with the AI’s suggestions. Of course, you retain control until the very end.

Orders are only placed when you give the OK!

Your advantages:

  • Practically no forecasting errors
  • Transparency of demand data
  • Simplified inventory control, lower warehousing costs
  • Flexible adaptation to changing customer demands or market fluctuations


Reduce your storage costs with Pranke and Neogrid, automate your supply chains without risk. Reduce shortages and overstocks. Take the leap into digitalisation!

We will support you.

Interest aroused?  We will answer your questions about Neogrid, Pranke and Artificial Intelligence in the supply chain at your leisure.