The textile industry is in a state of transition, both technically and socially.

Supply chains and trade are experiencing a digital revolution, and people are paying more attention to the environmental footprint of their purchases.

There are large suppliers and retailers who have sufficient resources and also the capital to react quickly to these profound changes.

The situation is often different for smaller and medium-sized companies.
There, people like to improvise, a lot is still done manually today.

That doesn’t have to be the case! The solution for getting started with cost-effective data exchange between companies is called:

Automation with the Global Textile Scheme (GTS) and Pranke GmbH!

GTS is an initiative with the aim of offering innovative and, above all, standardised solutions for data exchange.

GTS consists of three basic elements: A common language – a common, multilingual catalogue (GTS Language), a supporting SaaS platform and the GTS Data Model, which defines the data categories and is dynamically adaptable.

Currently, the Global Textile Scheme covers three fields of application:

  • Generation of master data without transcription:
    The special feature of GTS is the harmonisation of master data, which is coded with GTS and then available to the customer in real time.
  • Transparency of demand development: This means that if you use GTS, you as a supplier will quickly recognise the new demand of your dealers in the future.
  • Generation of labour-intensive certificate data. This is currently possible for GRS, GOTS and Standard 100 by Oekotex – others will follow.

This saves you time and money, and reduces manual effort.

Tedious searches for product data are a thing of the past.
With GTS and Pranke, you can access important information directly via the cloud – without detours via other channels.

We translate your master data into GTS language and integrate the GTS model into your IT infrastructure with little time expenditure.
Find your way out of the confusing and unproductive data jungle with Pranke GmbH. Simply make more out of your valuable data with us.

Pranke GmbH has been developing the technology for GTS-Cat since 2020.

We would be happy to explain how it works, other advantages and how to get started with GTS in a detailed discussion.
We are already looking forward to your feedback!