Virtual trade fairs have become standard in the fashion industry.

A special advantage: digital showrooms are open 365 days a year.
With our partner, MobiMedia AG and their platform Quintet 24, we invite you into your new, digital future!
Expensive exhibition stands are – at least partially – a thing of the past.

As a supplier, you save time and money.

Collect valuable information about bestsellers or slow sellers, for example, and adapt the digital reality to your specific ideas if necessary.

With our eBiss converter and the multifunctional network eGate we realise your individual showroom on Quintet24!
In doing so, we seamlessly integrate the EDI processes into your existing IT landscape.

You want to know more?

Register for free at our Autumn Summit on 06.10.2021, or contact us directly.

You can find more information here:
Digital Summit – Quintet24 digital showrooms and digital trade fair