It often happens that the Pranke receives support requests that can easily be solved by the customer.
Why is this so? The answer is complex.
First of all, it is very convenient to simply pick up the phone and connect to support.
Often the nerves are shattered because, for example, important ORDERS are hanging somewhere in the data nirvana or the INVOIC have to be removed very quickly so that the cash register is correct at the end of the month.
There’s no time for your own research or a short pause, just please get the data right away!

Dear customers, we have great understanding for this, EDI is a fast business, it involves huge quantities of goods which are transported from A to B in the shortest possible time in order to then find their way to the shelves and to the consumer as quickly as possible.
This works quickly, practically and efficiently with EDI.

As soon as the goods pass the counter, a fully automated sales report is sent to the supplier, and then – to give just one example – the refill functions smoothly for certain business models.
The amount of data becomes larger, more complicated, but also more interesting.
Numerous evaluation options are available to EDI customers, even the smallest details in the flow of goods can be registered, a major technological advance!

A disturbance of the filigree system has noticeable effects!
Worst Case: The goods are not sold because, for example, DESADV is missing. Or there is a problem with the orders because perhaps one of the numerous networks has problems.

Our tip:
Keep calm and first check in-house whether there is an error. If you are a Pranke eGate user, you will usually receive an error message at the admin email address of your account.
This is the moment for a little coffee break, why don’t you take a look at these small but fine messages?
Almost always there is a well readable text, the sense of which quickly becomes clear, by the way, even the simplest English on-board means are sufficient.

For example, there are often calls on the subject:
at least one communication partner must be a customer
This message states that two communication partners want to communicate without a full account, i.e. two gateway accounts, but is not intended to do so, so to speak the fire and water in the Pranke eGate.
To find out is no witchcraft, go to, there to the service center and consult our FAQ. Simply copy the error message to the clipboard and enter it into the full text search, you will find the solution in no time.

Construct knowledge, avoid support costs

Your advantage:
You save money!

The Pranke Support is always subject to a charge and only intended for Pranke customers. In return, you will also receive detailed and competent technical advice.
Just save this option for the really difficult questions, for mappings for example or if you want to plan and carry out a project with us, if you have difficulties with our eBiss and if you don’t know what to do anymore.
You will find everything else in our FAQ, which we are constantly expanding to cover even more problem cases. We are also looking forward to your suggestions, which we will check and then gladly take with us.

Your Pranke Support Team
Mathias Guthmann, Myriam Leyser, Manfred Schwarz

FAQ: Frequently asked questions