The Pranke GmbH advises customers in questions around EDI, helps with the development of business and store-concepts and successfully realizes communication platforms for enterprises with the EDI converter eBiss, particularly in the textile range.

The Karlsruhe-based company focuses particular attention to the good training of young people.

Cloud, streaming, smartphones, these digital communication tools are an essential part of everyday life, but what about schools and training institutions? Digitalisation is on the advance, the world of work is changing fundamentally, and new challenges are being linked to the subject matter of training. The trainees of today are the skilled workers of tomorrow; they should understand and shape the new working world.

„Protheses come from 3D printers, computer-controlled wood saws work in joineries. Business people specialize in e-commerce, in agriculture stand-alone machines operate in the fields: Hardly any training career today can do without current knowledge about digitization.“

Thus the Federal Ministry of Education and Research writes in a paper on professional training 4.0.


Apprenticeship at Pranke

At Pranke GmbH, experienced, IHK-certified trainers accompany young people from the first working day to the end of their training.
In addition to their technical competence, the trainers also have didactic knowledge. When somewhere a problem arises, they look for a solution together.

Ben is in his second year of training as an IT system specialist, he says:

It’s very different here than it is in a large company. All the departments I’ve been to so far bring the content across well. In the meantime, the Berufsschule has followed suit and finally purchased modern computers for us trainees.

Job Descriptions

Thanks to its corporate structure, Pranke GmbH is able to cover a wide range of professions.

IT specialists, for example, design and implement software, using different programming languages and special developer tools. After training, the chances of employment in the IT sector are high, the training usually takes three years.

IT system merchants design customer-specific system solutions for IT technology, marketing strategies are also part of the curriculum. A practice-oriented education with perspectives, the job market is desperately looking for such specialists.

Earn money while studying

In Karlsruhe, teaching is written in big letters, the city with its many educational institutions, including nine different universities, is virtually predestined for a dual system of study.

In cooperation with companies from all sectors, the DHBW (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg), for example, offers various courses of study with a dual character. In the three-month practical phases, the students can then apply what they have learned and put their knowledge to the acid test. Students are paid a salary, the amount of which always depends on the employer.

Pranke GmbH supports the overdue education offensive with its training offers and secures very good career opportunities for young people. The practical work experience gained in the dual programmes is appreciated by employers.


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