With an AS2 channel your local system or network is connected to the Pranke eGate VAN. To end up with a successful and failure-free message exchange, the rules listed here should be followed during setup and operation.


Participants in eGate are bound to fixed communication channels. Because of this, and to ensure clear message routing, parallel connections between servers or networks should not be set up. Therefore, please check if there is already a connection to the Pranke AS2 service on your system. Please look for connections to one of the following URLs (http/https):

  • or

Please also watch out for AS2 IDs like:

  • “Pranke”,
  • “PrankeTest”,
  • “PrankeAS2” or
  • “PrankeAS2Test”,

If a connection to the Pranke AS2 service already exists, this connection should also be used for communication with any other eGate participant instead of setting up a new connection.

If no existing connection could be found, and a new channel needs to be set up, please use the parameters from the current datasheet and the provided certificate. Before you start setting up the endpoint on your server, please contact us (support(at) and provide the necessary data for setting up the endpoint on our system:

  • the URL of your AS2 service,
  • your AS2 ID,
  • the preferred MDN mode (synchronous/asynchronous),
  • Signature and encryption algorithm,
  • your certificate, and
  • a contact address for administrative notifications (operational failures, certificate replacement, etc.)

We identify the sender and recipient of a message submitted via AS2 by evaluation of the interchange segment of the respective message. (e.g. EDIFACT UNB or ANSI.x12 ISA). Only IDs that have been previously made known to us and that have been created in eGate as participants may be used. If an ID is replaced or an additional ID needs to be introduced, please contact us to arrange the necessary configuration.

In case of planned service interruptions, changes in communication, certificate renewal and corresponding occasions please inform support(at)



In this download you will find our data sheet for new AS2 connections and the current certificate:

Download “” – 326.69 KB


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