Peter Büdel GmbH (PB) is a producer of clothing accessories – so-called “trimmings” (such as buttons, ribbons, zip tags, etc.) – and offers a very wide range of products.

Initial problem

In textile production, these “trimmings” are parts of complex article parts lists of ingredients that are needed, among other things, for the production of a jacket. For each of their products, PB provides a comprehensive data set with product specifications, care data, price and logistics data, which their customers include in their parts lists. The demand for the scope and quality of this data is continuously increasing, and in return, the customers’ batch sizes are decreasing.

Shortcoming detected

Until now, the extremely extensive data could not be automatically entered into the in-house ERP systems – this time-consuming task had to be done manually.

„Trimmings“ sind in der Textilproduktion Teile von komplexen Artikel-Stücklisten


The way out of this dilemma is an automated exchange of article data, which replaces the labour-intensive and error-prone manual process at this point.

Global Textile Scheme

Concrete Use Case @ PB ACCESSORIES

PB’s own ERP system “Diamond” does NOT provide standardised data. Therefore, implementation of PB article data in external ERP systems is impossible!


Use of the dynamic Pranke eBiss – EDI converter  that recognises – clearly proven – complex article attribute relationships  to convert PB standard data into GTS Language.

  • Integration of PB article data into external ERP systems is thus possible in an automated way.
  • Use of GTS Language data also for PB Web Portal.
PB Standard - Pranke - GTL Standard

Course of the PB Accessories — Pranke project

Agile, dynamic coordination processes between Pranke & PB on short paths. The dynamic mapping of the eBiss EDI converter recognises far more article attribute relationships than expected (expectation: a good 50% → result: almost 80%).


The result exceeds the expectations of the project.